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Friday, 26 February 2010

The passion for exploration and the eternal love of the wilderness of Alaska grew and grew on the banks of that name in 1993. At the time I could not stop whistling, north to Alaska! It was the biggest opportunity for me to spend seven weeks of summer adventure filled with gold, whose crew is based on the camp claims to gold, about 15 miles west of the name. I went back twice on the same crew, my last trip in 2007.

The weather is dominated by the name of the Bering Sea, and can change quickly. During the summer, and the average level in the mid 50s, with low levels in the mid 40s. The three coldest months are December to February the average maximum of about 13 degrees, the lowest average to slightly below zero.

The beaches, often still covered with ice and snow in May in June offers the best combination of clear skies and high temperatures. It also provides summer, can expect more rain.
Violent storms are frequent and an opportunity to exploit decreases sandy beaches to the approach of September.

Nome is located on the southern coast of the Seward Peninsula to Norton Sound in the Bering Sea about 540 miles north of Anchorage air. There are no roads to connect the name of any major city in Alaska. With 4,000 people now live what was once one of the largest cities in Alaska. Half the population is Native American Eskimo. Founded in 1901, and the name and is located in the region of origin of the institution in the Bering Strait. Village Sensual land base of the foundation in and around the town of that name.

There is no place like Nome

Trends prospectors lyric If you followed the 1899 Johnny Horton gold in cinema north of Alaska, would be present in cold water and salt in the Bering Sea. In the song, Horton Place bonanza of antique gold and gold receivables in the White Mountains south of some of the name. Would the mountain in the ocean. But in real history, where the gold is in the water.

History shows that the vast majority of applications for gold and the name of gold recovered to date were collected from the shores of the name, instead of streams and rivers. Thousands of gold seekers tromped on this treasure of gold in their pursuit of the Interior, are not aware they were under their boots grinding elusive until their anxiety.

Most of the funds necessary for the flow of gold in the name of the Trinity are John Brynteson, Erik Lindberg Lindale and Japheth, who became known as the "Three Lucky Swedes", while Lindberg was actually from Norway.

In the summer of 1898 John Brines was a member of the party to explore the City Council to explore the peninsula from Seward. Inclement weather ship had to resort to the mouth of the Snake River, 13 miles west of Cape Nome. The men had spent the time waiting for the storm to reduce the risk of sewage within four or five miles from the ship. They found a little colour in pots of gold, but not enough to mix. C. Brines, however, was the faith and they have formed a partnership with two other Scandinavian countries, Lindale, and Lindberg. Men continued to explore and finally they were on their way to Anvil Creek where they found a large quantity of coarse gold. After building materials gloving for the poor, small businesses, 100 miles, they are immediately returned to Anvil Creek, formed the Cape Nome mining region, and between the three of them, staked 43 claims. Acts as it provided immediately to 47 additional requests for donors, parents and friends.

When news of this leak, as always, feverish migration prospectors descended on the area name, not realizing that the Lucky Swedes have not been able to find something close to the discovery of gold and gold receivables
real. And the chaos and confusion that followed involved the growing demand for jumping, cross-filing, lawyers, litigation, and a myriad of proxy trial, and for people who, in most cases, probably not even exist. On behalf of the stampede by thousands of prospectors from the outside world has led to disappointment and frustration for many and death for many.

Resolution of legal disputes and limits of the claims has been hindered by H. Judge Arthur noise, which later proved to be blatant Crook who took part in a scheme to use the law to support the claims of the richest gold.

In this land without trees, and were in a state of lawlessness and gangs roam the streets, setting fire to cover the looting and theft. Troops from Fort St. Michael Norton via voice and called to maintain order.

In the first weeks of the gold rush and the three lucky Swedes have felt nothing but luck? Attribute the failure to have stabilized in recent squarely on their shoulders. Rumours spread like wildfire, and Lucky has already deposited the Swedish prospects for the entire production.
In fact, found some gold by anyone. Documents submitted Swedes were particularly angry that causes some other prospectors because federal law prohibits foreigners to sue if she could prove that the intention to become citizens without disabilities, and Scandinavians, were not.

Finally, sitting in the palace, where the spirits flared and destinies forever changed, and the name of mining in the Cape have been declared null and void and illegal, and all the work has refused their requests.

This decision is in itself illegal. Palace took the law into their own hands, not a handful of soldiers entered the fracas and strongly dissolved with the bayonet.

This was an opportunity for the Swedes. They got another break. After a few days, and they literally forget when one of the soldiers stationed in the name I am going to transfer water from areas near the mouth of the Snake River and found gold in beach sand end. It was almost impossible to believe that the size of the discovery. Within days, gold has been extended along the water line for more than 40 miles to the east and west of the name. This time it was really a race.

Late in the season and the arrival of winter on the coast fell into the ice, but gold seekers began to decline at a tent city in the spring of 1899. Gold Rush, toes, and non-settlement of people in the booming city with a population of over 40,000 in 1900. According to the Census U. S. 1900, recorded one third of all white people living in Nome, Alaska. At the height of the Gold Rush, the name, and hundreds of tents that extends along the twenty miles of the coast west of the city.

The strike was worthy of the name. In the summer of 1899 alone, 2,000 miners and working men and women on the sand to extract more than two million dollars of gold from the beaches of gravel before the freeze.

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