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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Gravel is a jewel and is among the most productive sources of stone. Many stones and most famous in the world have been exploited in the diamond mines of Golconda in India, or pebbles from Myanmar and Sri Lanka.
Gem-rich gravel forms of most metals and precious stones and more resistant to chemicals in air operations, which rocks are formed. Jewel accumulate grain, either in the surface layer of bedrock or downslide weather washed and placed in the river gravel or Trommel far enough from the source. Since the jewel of heavy metals in general, and most base metals, and building communities where rivers flow with low speed and size. Fragments imperfect, more easily destroyed when the metals are transported over long distances in turbulent circumstances, and gravel and contains a high percentage of good quality.
The uneven distribution of precious stones in any filing to predict the yield potential is almost impossible. Where many of them are small deposits or in remote and difficult areas, mechanical mining is seldom economical. Gravel is not supported are the easiest to work of all deposits and some gravel on the GEM GEM has been sculpted over the centuries. In Pailin, Cambodia, and gravel, washed and sorted at the same table shaking and wheezing, which is chosen by the remains of the smallest.
Sapphire mining in areas of Australia are more regular and mechanical. Drill holes first to determine the effectiveness and gravel. After the withdrawal of land and the scale transfer of material with gravel and crushed and sorted by size in gold Trommel (drum). Small equipment, which includes sapphires, are sent to the central pulse of dance heavy metal. This orientation is finally sorted and graded by hand.
Explore the world have revealed deposits of jewelry in almost all countries. Some areas of the rich and varied, both in quantity Q GEM production of minerals, including Brazil and Myanmar. Other locations of performance of species unique jewel of excellent quality, illustrated with Colombian emeralds. Most deposits of small and rapidly exhausted, but much like those in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have been in production for several centuries.


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