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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A washing machine is a dry piece of mining equipment and gold which is mainly used to filter and separate the gold from the sand with pulses of air coming through the means of the porous clothe. This allows the gold to settle the land and get arrested. This is a gold prospecting equipment of choice in the dry dessert areas. Vibration and air flow replaces the position of water in a natural dam, allowing the gold to settle the decline. Screened gravel passes the bottom of the box tipped with a rifle gun of the Cross. The bottom of the box consists of a thin clothe, or weave light of some other fabric that passes through the air to move upward.

Doubtless the dry laundry is a kind of gold prospecting equipment that you have to just get it if you are working in the desert, but the problem remains that the prices are too high. In addition, at least for the type of washing dry blower, it is not hard to do. Is it really was only in the last 40 years that you can buy washing dry before the adoption of quite easily. For hundreds of years before the generally dry wash most of the internal affairs that are designed and built in the gold prospector himself. If you want to be part of this great tradition of prospectors, read on.

First, most of the homemade dry laundry made of wood is, and that house the standard wood working tools sufficient for all but the box rifle. I prepared some general plans for the type of puffer average homemade laundry, dry and can be viewed on my Website (see below). You can adapt and use these plans, or use as a starting point and the design of washing machine dries your own. To build one of the most in need of gold prospecting equipment that you use, keep you think in the way to build a particular unit, and what design ideas you want to use on your home washing machine dry. Also available there are also units in many markets, and may be better to look at them until you build and own your unit easily.

Design concept, you first need to consider is the source of the air. Do you want to build a puffer blower, or the type of unit-powered blower. Every good work, but the type of sprayer is clearly the easiest to build. Because this, I recommend the type of puffer washing dries if this is the first one you are building. Remember to dry laundry is built so that it can always be modified in the future to switch from one type to the type of puffer blower if that's what you need to decide in the end you really want to do.
Mater is not your design, you will need the following building materials: wood, metal, cloth, nails, and the screen. I suggest 3 / 8 inch woven screen material - half an inch is likely to be ok, but I suggest 3 / 8 inch on the best. And very large size of those big rocks help push gold out of your bridge, and if it is too small and you may lose a solid mass nice if you dig one.

You will need a standard working tools. My best suggestion if you want to start fabricating equipment, gold prospecting and mining (and maintain the things you have in good condition) for the purchase of welding small. In fact, I strongly recommend that thinking of buying one of these welders that I have done to an entire Web page on it. If you are seriously considering building dry your laundry,.

A washing machine is composed mainly of dry boxes connected, and the box top and the bottom one. The top of the box really is just a gravel hopper can feed. Article is too large for the screen is off the screen as a "large scale". Exact dimensions of the box top that is not critical, but you do not want to be too large or too small. Drop box contains a blower or blower as well as the establishment of plunder.
You drag on the screen until the top of the box is full, then with the type of spray, you move to a place of stunned and pull the rope to make puff bellows. Materials and then works its way down through the hopper, and through the dam gun. When the hopper is empty, you have to start all over again dredging up full.
Make sure that the screen which to purchase the top of the box is permanent, and that the hopper is good support from the bottom. If you toss a large rock and too many on the screen are not supported well and will simply bend and break. This is something that can be fixed, but when you are in the field, can be very inconvenient. Can couple a quarter-inch diameter steel bars will be very useful to support the screen.

Gold hunting rifle in the box the bottom of the washing machine dry differ from those of water on the dam. Design on the waters of the dam gold box is to be retained downstream of the gun. To wash away dry, gold has been designed to be held on the theoretical side of the gun. Pack a rifle and one of the things that really need to be developed by the welding. I suppose small screws will be a possibility, but welding will be much higher. Welding up a removable tray does not take that much work. On the underside of the rifle is a light muslin cloth weave that allows air to pass through to the top of it. The guns need to be transmitted tray, so that can be removed periodically (usually every hour or two hours of run time), guns, and concentrates and placed in a bucket for processing at a later date. In addition, with the type of spray, and gets to absorb dust in the air in this box is less need to be cleaned from time to time. Check out the welding page referred to above for more details.

On the underside of the bottom box where the air comes in. If you use a phone, and this is where you enter the airway. If you are making Sprayer / Washer type blower dry, and this is the place to go bellow. Good heavy cloth makes a good blower. Materials that have been rubber or of water, which is the best. I was also in need of a young woman so that they can go in the air and exit only through the gun. Of a young woman flow one way is usually just a piece of 1 / 8 inch of rubber covering the hole about 4 inches in diameter. And stops and bellows on one side and pull the rope is attached on the opposite end hinge. Pull the rope on blowing air through a piece of cloth with a gun. Helpful if the support legs on less blocks can be modified in some way, and on the surface of the earth in the gold fields is often very uneven so I strongly advise you absolutely sure that you are able to build a gold prospecting equipment of any kind.
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