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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nuggets and chips and collectors, gold and accurate ... Modern prospectors found gold on things that are shiny in many forms. But regardless of the size or type, and the right equipment and machines gold panning gold makes recovery easier and more profitable, and a lot of fun!

Desert Fox Automatic Spiral Gold Panner is a compact, light weight gold panning machine that can take anywhere. It's in the first place finishing, and then used a wide gold bearing gravel box has passed the first dam or other intensive. Once you've focused on reducing the bottom, then you're ready to use the Desert Fox. Here's how:

Fill the tank with 3 gallons of water (the device is appropriately named because it was designed to conserve water and work to just 3 gallons), hook shots for a 12-volt battery, and turn on the switch. Wheel begins to rotate the water, and will spray of spraybar. Simply add a scoop of sand concentrate every 20 seconds or so (a machine that can process about 70 pounds per year of condensate per hour) and if the material contains gold, the gold settle to the bottom due to the work machines panning gold. Rising motion will be moved in the direction of gold, where the middle axis passes through the hollow shaft in a glass fishing. Desert Fox to heal an amazing amount of gold flour so that you can never lose even the smallest piece (which adds up all!). Automatic spiral panner easy to use, and will easily become an expert panner after a few minutes!

Unique in the cycle of the wheel works well because it is a separate spirals which pick up 7 gold 7 times with each rotation of the wheel (105 times per minute). Weight under 10 pounds, including the position and rugged folding (adjustable to the pitch that you want) and basin storage, and Desert Fox folded and stored carefully. Run right out of the basin, or removed from the case and used in a stream. Works on any 12-volt car batteries, or even 35-watt solar panels.

Desert Fox Automatic Gold cooking machine made in America, and was one of the most best-selling books since 1969. It's available at a constant speed or variable speed, and has a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty. There are a number of accessories are also available such as belt back, wall charger, and power supply. The device comes complete with easy to understand owner's manual and video, as well as a bag of sand practice, which contain gold placer real even be able to recognize the new device in the home before trying it in the field.

Desert Fox Automatic Spiral Gold machine, gold recovery makes cooking easier and more profitable, and more than $ 1,000 an ounce (ounce) these days, you really want to get out there and get a slice!


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