How to Mine Gold in the World of Warcraft

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

As you can see mining has become the major profession in the World of Warcraft. Since the release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack this kind of profession has been known throughout the game.
One can gain a jewel when mining for ores and when it comes to selling them the price increases because of the demand. So now, many players are mining ores in order to gain jewellery for their own. You can find more ores in the auction house and through this you can level up your profession. Be sure to let people know that you are selling an ores in the auction house by putting a "buyout" sign.

One of the great mining places in the World of Warcraft is the Durotar. This place is filled with many copper and tin that's why this is the most visited mining place in Wow. The ripsaw time in this place is quick so you can wait for you to mine again.

The next place to go for is the Barrens.
In this place you will find many great spots for tin mining. This place also ripsaws quickly so you need not to wait for a long time for you to mine again. If you'll continue to explore the place, you will bristle back, Scorpios and Razormane which is also a great place for tin mining.

After you have had the tin and the copper, you will now need to sell it. Make sure that you'll check the availability and its prices in the auction house before you joined them together and make it a bronze. There are times that selling them separately cost higher than selling them as a bronze. All you need to know is to check the market need.

Just keep in mind that if you sell something is sure to in line it with the need of the market so that you can gain more profit or more gold.


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